Monday, January 26, 2015

Act of Kindness x 4 Boys

This morning we woke to find it snowing and were thrilled!

As we were pulling from the driveway I began talking to the boys about their behavior on Friday. I told them today was going to be different . . . we were going to be helpers to others. Today was garbage day and the timing was perfect to begin our "serving".

I drove down the street with my flashers on as my boys pulled garbage cans from the street to the garage of each neighbor. They were excited and enjoyed being kind and helpful. 

Here are some photos:

Once the boys finished with the last of the cans on our street, we headed in to school. The boys were so excited and chatty with one another. I interrupted their conversation and asked which made them feel better . . . Last Friday's behavior, or today's behavior? They all answered "today's". Another question I asked, "Who were you thinking about on Friday?" They all knew the answer and said, "myself". They also knew who they were thinking about today . . . OTHERS.

As the boys chatted on our way into our little school, they were planning their next act of kindness. Cody thought they should do the garbage cans every Monday. 

This mama was pleased and smiled all the way to school.

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