Sunday, December 21, 2014

The Late Night Lego Challenge

This evening we watched a Christmas movie and when it ended, I announced it was time for a Lego Challenge! So, into the kitchen table we went and opened up a HUGE box to begin the challenge. EJ and Cameron were a team, Cody and Daddy were a team, Katelyn and I were a team, Ryan was building his own upstairs.

The pictures from tonight:

Oh the concentration!

Ryan and Knox - crazy smile!

Katelyn and I completed our book first!

Little Knox was tired from all of the excitement. He lay in front of Katelyn as Ryan took a shower. As you see, the iphone 5 is not much smaller than he is.

All fresh from a shower, Ryan gets Beckett lovin!

Oh the Lego . . . a few thousand!

The second floor of the movie theater is complete!

It is really cute!

EJ and Cameron finished up the roof section and the marquee.

It wasn't long after EJ and Cameron finished that Katelyn and EJ headed to bed and Randy took a soak in the tub.

Cody, Cameron and I were the only ones remaining.

The movie theater and pictures were all done by 1:30 a.m.

The Palace Movie Theater came out so cute! We are thrilled with it and can't wait for the others to see how it came out. We have three more sets to add to this set - they all connect to make a little "Down Town" type area from the past.

We had a great time and now our Challenge is done, it is time for bed.


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