Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Day 2 of Organizing and Purging Boys' Bedrooms

We slept in a bit this morning . . . we were thoroughly exhausted from yesterday's organizing and purging.

Once we began, we didn't stop . . . Frankly, we actually finished up about Midnight. Not even remotely kidding.

I began by heading into Cody's bedroom. We cleaned it very well a week and a half ago, but we didn't go through his dresser drawers or the clothing in his closet. Today was the day. Yikes!

Let me start with Cody's room by showing you what it looked like before we deep cleaned it a few weeks ago . . .

It wasn't pretty, but we trudged on, and on, and on, and . . .

Pretty good, right?

This was today . . .

I chuckled a little when I saw this in his chest. Doesn't everyone store miscellaneous socks in their swim trunks?

He was *ahem* busy in his room. He did get these toys sorted and put away.

Cameron helped me out by going through the clothes in Cody's closet. He then tossed the outgrown ones down to me so we could donate them. Some were like brand new!

Cody's room went pretty quickly - only a few hours of organizing and purging clothing.

Then, onto Ryan's room. I had encouraged, reminded, and demanded he get his room tidy and organized. I also told him I would check everything to make sure it was done. I didn't seem too worried about it, so I thought he might have accomplished it.


Once again I was surprised at the treasures I would find. 

Let me make you a little list . . .
  1. Three pair of MY scissors
  2. Scotch tape from my desk
  3. Candy wrappers
  4. 14,973 ipad/iphone jacks and cords - o.k. I may have exaggerated a tiny bit!
  5. Change - like in $$$
  6. Books in Lego brick containers
  7. Pens probably a 1/2 dozen - in with the Lego

We sorted and sorted and sorted. Let me tell you, my fingertips are extremely sore tonight. The results of our efforts were amazing! Ryan was relieved of his toy burden just like the other three boys.

Ryan and Knox were excited they had room to play! Time for puppy lovin!

The Legos in the corner are awaiting a 28 gallon tote to arrive. The room will look much better without all of the smaller tubs.

Artemis was pretty happy watching us today. She lounged under her heat lamp most of the day.

Doesn't she look thrilled?

 Trying to get a good picture of little Knox is close to impossible. Many of the photos look like a blur of black!

We need to fix Ryan's name on the wall. Apparently, the letters came down (probably when dusting) and now his name is RYNA! lol

Once we finished up Ryan's room and cleared the upstairs hallway of the fallout, we headed to the main floor to begin putting things back together. You see, for some reason the boys tend to scatter their toys everywhere and parts become M.I.A. Once we purged their rooms, the things that had been scattered were put back together, bagged or boxed and put into totes to either donate, give away or sell. This process took a very long time as well. Everyone had to pitch in and help. I am so thankful for my Katelyn! She selflessly helped yesterday evening, plus this afternoon and evening. 

To say we are thrilled to have the boys' bedrooms done is totally and understatement! They definitely have much less to "deal with" which also means Mom, Dad and Katelyn have much less to "deal with". 

One final note - the boys have all been warned . . . any of their belongs left for someone else to pickup, cleanup or put away will not be a burden to them, it will simply disappear. If an item is not important enough to take good care of, it isn't important to have.

Hopefully, they will remember and avoid the unpleasant.

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