Monday, December 15, 2014

Coyotes Are On The Prowl

We hear them each evening. Their loud mournful cry in the darkness, they are talking to one another. Their cry chills to the bone and cause great concern. Once again the coyote makes itself known to us. No one takes the dogs outside without a buddy and the wooden baseball bat for a bit of protection.

This past spring, our neighbor called someone to catch and remove three of these beautiful creatures from our neighborhood. They were are bit too close for comfort and as you look at the photos, you can certainly see not only the beauty, but the danger as well.

The hair standing up on this coyote's back is creepy and for good reason, they defend to the end.

Tonight the geese on the lake were honking like crazy. Coyote LOVE ducks and geese. Coyote can and will attack humans and dogs.

We have noticed the past week that the dogs are very cautious when going out the front door - they sniff a lot while on the porch. The boys have seen a few coyote in the front yards a few houses down. The coyote must have spooked because it ran across the street, to the yard (on a hill) and disappearing into the trees. 

Be safe dear neighbors and protect your precious children and furry babes. The coyote has begun its winter hunt.

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