Sunday, December 14, 2014

Christmas Prep with Pictures

Saturday was a productive day in our home . . . well, maybe I should restate that one. Let me begin again.

It was wonderful to sleep on on Saturday morning. The house was so quiet and three out of four boys stayed in bed until about 10:00 a.m. Katelyn had an early morning final, but is as quiet as a mouse on those early hour classes.

Once everyone was up and about, we began wrapping Christmas gifts. I began wrapping as the boys began bring gifts to me to wrap. They had basically chosen their gifts and so there was really no need for secrecy - besides the fact that I think they had a few "peeks" here and there. They enjoy sitting with a Lego box and staring at all of the informational pictures included on the box. 

Katelyn arrived home and began helping with the wrapping. She was a bit grumpy when she arrived, but it was not long before she was giggling and having a good time too.

Cameron began wrapping gifts along with Katelyn and I. He even asked if he could have a cup of coffee . . . just like Mom and Sister. He seemed to like it, although it will be a limited occurrence. 

About an hour later, Randy and EJ arrived home. They had been cleaning out Grandma and Grandpa P's home as it has sold. Praising God they are almost finished. We had already moved on to our next project for the day - making blanket throws for Grandma and Grandpa P. 

We tried to keep them a manageable size for them to use while watching  television or reading. Rather like a lap blanket I suppose.

Here are a few photos of Cameron while he worked . . .

With four of us working on this project, we completed both of them pretty quickly. Daddy thought Beckett should try it out.

The blankets are now all freshly washed and dried. Tomorrow we will wrap them. Yay for accomplishments!

Our Christmas Preparation is almost done - and I am thrilled. We will do our Christmas crafts, but the planning, purchasing, making and wrapping are pretty much complete.

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