Monday, December 29, 2014

Boys' Room Organizing, Purging from a Complete Disaster!

Every Christmas Vacation we tackle purging, organizing, storing and giving away items. We began the boys' rooms a week and a half ago and today we worked in my middle boys' room. They had assured me, "Everything is put away Mom" several times over. I woke this morning, had my coffee and headed to their bedroom. I was prepared to spend a little while in their room making sure all was tidy and organized. I was in for quite a different day . . . and so were they!

I am sure they thought they could get by with stuffing toys, books, clothing, garbage, etc. anywhere and everywhere their imaginations could take them. 

At this point, I feel I must add . . .

  1. My boys are creative, oh yes they are. They can design many ways to hide things to make their room look all tidy. 
  2. This mama wasn't born yesterday. I know things are not always as they appear, especially in a bedroom of boys that are 10 and 11.
  3. The good feeling the boys had prior to me checking their bedroom didn't linger long.
  4. Randy, Katelyn and I have requested their rooms be tidied, several times within the past few weeks.
  5. Apparently, they didn't get the memo.
  6. This mama followed through with the promise . . .
I promised them that I would remove the items they could not put away properly. Today was the day my promise was fulfilled.

Like most parents, we love to give our children gifts for no reason other than to treat them to something special. However, after much thought I came to a realization, right in the middle of our morning.

We as parents tend to BURDEN our children with gifts and the responsibility that comes from owning them. Let me explain. We have always given to our children . . . always. They wanted a toy, generally we got it for them. Christmas, Birthday, special days, good grades, just because . . . gifts, gifts, gifts, toys, toys, toys and more. Those gifts became burdens to them the second they were told they needed to clean them up and put them away. We may get them to tidy them, clean them up from the family room - only to be dumped in their closet or on their floor. 

The burden isn't limited to toys, gifts, books, etc. Clothing (in excess) is also a burden they must also take care of. It must be put away in their dresser drawers or hung in the closet. What kid likes to take care of clothing chores?

It had been suggested to me several times over - limit what they have. Those suggestions were right on, but I still cringed at the thought of cutting back their "things". Until this morning . . . 

Throughout the day, the boys came to understand . . . I will not tolerate their disobedience, carelessness and sheer determination to ignore what they have been taught AND told several times.

I told the boys when we began . . . I will take pictures of our day. Little did I know those few hours would literally turn into 10 + hours!

The look on Evan's face explains it all . . .  exasperation. You see, there really isn't an easy way to organize chaos, except dump it all and begin.

We could actually play a hefty game of I Spy simply by looking through this pile of everything they had thrown together.

  1. hanger
  2. Lego directions
  3. sock
  4. dirty Qtip
  5. playing card

continuing on with I spy . . .
  1. Zoob game pieces
  2. Various building sets
  3. Automoblox car
  4. Hobbit game
  5. empty ziplock bags
  6. more game cards
  7. Eye glasses inside the mess
  8. Ipod inside a Lego container
  9. Another Lego found in the middle of this mess

Oh Dear . . . Cam isn't happy either! No Mama points here!

This container was under Cam's bed . . . 

Emma was trying to keep up.

Time to look in the closet and dresser drawers. As you can see, they weren't any better.
  1. Clothing on the floor.
  2. Dirty clothing inside dresser with clean clothes.
  3. Chewed gum stuck inside a dresser drawer.
  4. Candy wrappers hidden inside dresser drawers.
  5. Lego and misc. toys in between folded clothing.
  6. Toothpaste in a drawer.
  7. Dirty goodnight pull up also in a drawer.

I tried organization with tubs and containers. We tried keeping Lego separately in Lego bins, the sorter, etc. nothing has worked.

Katelyn came up to assist . . . she missed her mama. However, the boys were ready for me to L.E.A.V.E. their room. I was there for the duration.

It is here I want to make a statement . . . We have always been teaching parents. They do know how to clean their room, organize, fold clothes, hang clothes, vacuum, etc, they simply refuse.

However, they are learning by experience . . . hands on experience.

At this point, we have hauled the excess out of their bedroom and tomorrow we will sort, put the pieces with what they belong to and pack it up to either store, give away or sell.

From here on out, I won't say a word about toys or things laying around, I will simple pick it/them up and put them in a container. 

The finished room - please ignore the trim down from the newly installed window and the partially stained wall unit. Hopefully, those will be completed soon (aka Daddy's department).

Another room tomorrow.

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ParkerMama said...

It looks great! It was a long day, but you really had a ton of eureka moments in there too!

I love those boys and I love their Mama too!

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