Wednesday, December 17, 2014

a Match Made in Heaven

The day has been long and I have yet to go to bed . . . 

it is now 1:50 p.m. 

Once I finish writing, I will take Beckett and we will head to bed. I will put Lavender on my feet and be snoozing in mere minutes. I didn't want to go to bed until I wrote about today.

We began our day with a bit of excitement, we were heading north today - a few hour drive away. But first we had a few things to tend to.
  1. The dogs needed to go outside.
  2. The dogs needed to be fed.
  3. The ducks needed to go to their screened porch.
  4. The ducks needed fed.
  5. The wild ducks also needed fed. Yes, they come twice a day.
  6. We all needed to get ready.
  7. We all needed to have a bite to eat.
  8. Two of the kids had orthodontist appointments.
  9. We had to make a quick drop off.
  10. Finally we were on the interstate heading north.
  11. Phew!
We were running late . . . and we even started out early. Craziness how planning seems to go awry at times.

The winds were blowing and the skies were gray, but the SUV was warm inside. The DVD player was humming along with How the Grinch Stole Christmas and Dolphin 2.

We ran into quite a bit of traffic, which didn't help our traveling time. Praise be to God the people we were meeting arrived early at our ultimate destination and decided to drive further down as we were driving up. We cut driving time down quite a bit and were so thankful!

I am sure by this time, you are wondering where were we going. Well, we headed north to pick up  . . .


We were asked if we knew of anyone that was looking for a Chinese Crested. 

Ryan was thrilled to let me know that Daddy said 
he could have Colt!

Colt is Polka Dotted & Nakie

Ryan thought Colt was ADORABLE and instantly fell in love with him. Ryan and Colt were made for one another!
Colt is adjusting well and has already bonded with Ryan!

 They both look like I caught them "in the act" of something.

Beckett went along for the road trip.

 Mia did too.
The pictures of them were taken while we 
waited at the orthodontist.

Ryan and Colt
a match made in Heaven!

1 comment:

Leslie said...

Ryan looks like such a young man. What a wonderful gift for him. I am sure that fella will fit right in at your house!

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