Thursday, November 20, 2014

Slept My Evening Away and Up at 2:00 a.m.

Do you ever have those evenings when you lay down to watch a little television and immediately fall asleep? 

Wednesday evening was just such an evening for me. I fell asleep just after dinner and woke at 12:30 a.m. 

Little Beckett is curled up between my arms as I write. If she isn't in my arms, she is curled up on her blanket in front of me.

Wednesday afternoon I had a dental appointment for filling replacement. It was a big job as the fillings were approximately 35 years old. Guess Mom and Dad got their monies worth on those! Anyway, my dentist Mike and his assistant Cheryl were amazing. There was absolutely Zero pain during the procedure . . . Mike does a great job with numbing! Cheryl took care of making sure nothing nasty when where it shouldn't and used the "sucker straw" really well, Plus all of the other things she took care of. Mike and Cheryl work very well together and I was very relaxed . . . o.k. I have to admit, I did put a little Lavender essential oil on my wrists before I headed off to the dental office. The procedure was over in less than an hour and I absolutely felt no pain until after dinner when the numb feeling began to fade away. Mike told me to expect to be a bit sore . . . and he was right. I was surprised though, my teeth and gums aren't sore, but where the numbing agent was administered (by needle) was quite sore. I guess keeping my mouth open wide during the procedure aided in that soreness. I am thrilled to say that I didn't use any over the counter pain medication! Instead I opted for essential oils - AromaTouch and Katelyn's Blend.  Anyway, all in all it wasn't bad and I am glad the fillings have been replaced and are all pretty white instead of ugly silver. 

The kids were awesome and let me sleep next to them on the couch while they were watching Duck Dynasty. I am thankful they are a bit older and don't need constant tending.

Here are a few pictures of Beckett - she was asleep until I moved a little and woke her.

I don't think she was amused!

Good night

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