Sunday, November 16, 2014


It is Sunday night 10:36 p.m. as I begin to write. The weekend was a pretty relaxing one for us, to which we are thankful.

We received our first snow and it lightly covered the rooftops. Cody thought he could go outside and make a snowball, but learned quickly that wasn't possible.

The boys were talking about Thanksgiving today. They are ultra excited about it this year. I know it is because the LOVE to eat! I can't believe how much they can put away! Growing boys I suppose. I do praise God they are healthy AND for my pantry!

Next week begins the craziness of the Holidays. I vow NOT to shop on Thanksgiving. I am of the opinion we should celebrate with our family and not pad the pocket of stores. I am also thinking of declaring Thanksgiving Day an Unplugged Day at our house - No electronics, No computers, No hand held type games, No television. I may end up with a revolt on my hands though. We shall see.

Stores and commercials are beginning to advertise for Christmas. 

Sainsbury's Official Christmas Ad is amazing . . . 

As we prepare ourselves, our families, our homes . . . we should also prepare our hearts. Listen to Matt Chandler . . . 

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