Friday, November 28, 2014

After Thanksgiving and more

Black Friday - Unlike thousands of other people, I did not brave the chaos. Instead, we relaxed most of the day, listened to Christmas music and watched a Hallmark show.

Dinner tonight was Egg, Ham and Cheese Scramble and Pumpkin pancakes. It was devoured.

While taking care of after dinner clean-up, I decided we needed to clean the refrigerator from top to bottom. Basically that means unload the fridge, remove the drawers to wash and dry. Wash the walls of the fridge, re-install the drawers, wash the shelves, and put all food back in. I love a clean fridge, but with five males in my house, there are times that things get out of hand. Especially during the holidays.

I LOVE a nice clean and organized fridge! Our left overs are coming to an end.

Last night's dinner consisted of bread dressing, turkey, rolls, green bean casserole.

This picture was taken before we headed off to Thanksgiving Lunch and my sister's house.

I was waiting for everyone to get into my vehicle so I took a little "selfie" of myself with Mia (left with the squinty eyes) and Beckett (the nosy one). Ryan was in the seat behind me.

We had a great time with family and laughed until we hurt!

More photos from Thanksgiving:

and the lake ducks - 

They usually come up into the yard and 1/2 circle around Katelyn. I suppose she is duck mama to many. They are so very beautiful! Cameron did say he saw a hawk swoop down and fly off with one today. Really scary . . . we are always careful with our Mi-Ki dogs as they are small enough to carry off too.

And our ducks too . . .
Have a Great Weekend Everyone!

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