Saturday, October 4, 2014

Conquer, Purge and Eliminate

Today found us in FULL Conquer and Sell mode.

In case you don't know what that is . . .

We are:

 cleaning out 


finding game pieces

putting Rokenbok sets together

get rid of it


As Mom to Five,  there are times when we must pull up the bootstraps and take hold to certain recurring situations that plague the home. We are in the midst of those times.

You know how you tell the kids to clean up, put things away where they belong, etc. How do your kids do?
Well, without mentioning names, let me simply say
"Not So Good" in our house.

This morning I went into the Library to tidy cabinets . . .
I opened a few drawers and doors shook my head, shut the doors and drawers and knew it was going to be a long day.
So, armed with my garbage bag and stool to sit on I began sifting through. I began with the game cabinet # 1 . . .
just to keep the explanation short, I listed all on Ebay.

Cabinet #2 . . .
more games that I went through, decided which would remain and piled up that which would be listed on Ebay.

Drawers . . .
We have several that held Curriculum we are no longer using.
It will be listed tomorrow . . .
all of it.

Randy was in the basement putting together sets of Rokenbok.
Let the listing begin!

Tomorrow, we will finish listing the multiple items from today's
purge. I have also warned the boys . . . their rooms are next Saturday, so be sure things are tidy and everything is with what it belongs. If Mom, Dad and Katelyn have to go through it . . .

"It is Outta here"

NO Questions Asked
No Exceptions

Please know that the boys have had every opportunity to put their things away where they belong. We are simply DONE with finding things where they don't belong. Someone may actually think toddlers live in our house.

For instance:

garbage wrappers in the game drawer

games in the wrong box

crayons mixed with markers

crayons thrown anywhere they land

papers, coloring pages, etc all stuffed in drawers

Lego thrown in baskets, books, under furniture, in the dog toys, between books . . .

books tossed behind chairs, the couch, hidden with underwear

games missing the major pieces
(maybe they are hiding out with the missing socks)

Nintendo games not in cases
(Nintendo games are like the crayons and Lego pieces)

dirty clothes hidden here and there
(it takes longer to hide it than to take it to the laundry)

toys hidden under couch pillows and cushions

toys left abandoned on the stairway
(very dangerous, especially on wooden staircases)

The list goes on and on and on and . . .
you get the picture.

We tell them to put away their things.

We threaten to get rid of them.

They put them away for a day or two and then we are back at the beginning again. So . . . it is past time we followed through.
(just keeping it real)

Today alone, I listed twenty-one actions.
Tomorrow I dare say I have just as many, if not more.

Once we are done going through the house . . .
the kids rooms
the storage room
the whatever, catch all room
the basement family room
the basement mudd room
the second storage room
the garage
(of course this will take several more weeks)

we will begin at the office in the storage rooms . . .
we have plenty there to keep us busy for months!

That should be interesting!

If you don't hear from us for a few days, you may want to summon help. We may have been buried alive in STUFF.

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Leslie said...

It is so much work, but feels so good when you are done. Good Luck!

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