Saturday, October 4, 2014

and God Laughed

I was chatting with a dear friend yesterday about my kids. Katelyn first . . . several years later the boys . . . and God Laughed, I told her. I truly, truly meant every word.

I totally believe God laughed the day our world changed into "the home of unexpected".

Four boys under one roof definitely qualifies as a challenge, but it also excels in laughter. My boys make me laugh and I am sure they have God laughing too. They come up with the most interesting and crazy sayings, actions and ideas which keep us on our toes. There are times as I find myself smiling that I stop and ask, "God, are you seeing this? Do they make You laugh too? 

Cameron caught Grandma and I off guard today. Mom and I were chatting as we were walking out to her car after her visit with us today . . . Cameron quietly put lil' Sophie into her "to go" bag and put her into the front seat of the car. The next thing I see is him smiling ear to ear in the back seat of Mom's car. Neither of us heard or saw him get in, but there he was ready to surprise us. God was watching and I know he laughed.

EJ came inside after helping clean the duck house and Cody asked, "Where is Katelyn?" Without even thinking about it he quickly answered, "She is outside hugging the ducks!" You know . . . I could picture her doing that in my mind. Can't you just see God shaking his head from side to side laughing at my boy?

Cody had a bit of a tummy ache one evening before dinner, so he headed into the bathroom for a bit. Everyone else had sat down to dinner as we didn't think Cody was up to eating. After about ten minutes he came out of the bathroom, closed the door, walked to the dinning area and said loudly, "Well . . . I Totally KNOW what my problem was AND I don't think you want to go in THERE anytime soon!" Oh my eight year old! I know I laughed, and I think God did too.

Ryan is always trying to catch me off guard. He quietly sneaks down the stairs and behind me as I am at my desk or in the family room to make me jump. One night I was ready for him . . . I heard his little ninja self coming down the stairs, so I quietly got up and went the opposite way and within seconds we were face to face . . . HE jumped and then laughed because I scared him. Then immediately he said, "I love you". I believe God laughed.

Boys are certainly different "creatures" than girls! They find humor in the strangest things. Sometimes I don't find the humor in something that they find humor in simply because I am female and they are male. They definitely make life interesting, crazy, insane and humorous.

From my world of:

  • silliness
  • boy-isms
  • stinky feet
  • competitiveness
  • insanity
  • giggles
  • boy feet changing to man feet
  • boy smells
  • loudness
and everything else that screams I have FOUR boys 12 and Under that live in my house . . .

Take time this weekend to make God laugh, don't let my boys have all the fun!

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Baker's Acres said...

Julie this made me laugh! :) I'm excited to experience some of these things as the mommy of my little boy :)

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