Monday, September 22, 2014

Weekend Accomplishments

We had a really good weekend ~ relaxed on Saturday and accomplished much on Sunday.

Noticed our trees are beginning to put on their beautiful color for Fall. Some trees in our area are in full color already. 

It is back to the school and work week. Things are going well for both ~ Praise God!!!

This weekend we:

  • replaced a few batteries in clocks
  • replaced some light bulbs
  • boiled eggs for the week
  • made the boys macaroni and cheese (homemade)
  • made a few deliveries for friends
  • went to the basement at the office to look for something ~ never found it
  • took a little drive
  • straightened up a little in our messy storage room (still plenty to do)
  • pulled out a few more things to list on Ebay
  • tidied my desk
  • paid bills 
  • put together a gift to give this week
  • aired bicycle tires
  • tidied the garage ~ again!
  • went through a storage cabinet in the garage
  • fixed the keypad entry button for the garage
  • cleaned the hedgehog container
  • hard boiled two dozen eggs
  • tidied the house a bit
  • hung a Fall wreath 
Now it is time to head to bed.

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