Thursday, September 11, 2014

Seriously, Really? But ~

Life on this earth has me shaking my head, saying "seriously? and really?" on a daily basis. How about you?

I really loathe turning on the news for fear of hearing horrific news . . .  issues that I have zero control over . . . craziness and including news out of Washington. I will stop there on this one.

Today marks the 13th Anniversary of the Terrorist Attacks on 9/11. I was touched by the number of "I Remember" that I saw and read. The date brings back sad memories, horrifying memories and disbelief that our Country endured and suffered at the hands of terrorists. The unbelievable thought that comes to mind . . . there is nothing to stop it from happening again at any time.

There are children that have been hospitalized by a terrible virus that is spreading like wildfire across the United States. There is no treatment for this virus . . . only hospitalization and intubation in many cases.

Ebola patients are being flown into the USA - I just read about the fourth such patient. Very Scary folks!

In our little neck of the woods, I find myself  shaking my head, saying "seriously? and really?" often. Just today I read

  • A guy drove a vehicle into a neighborhood lake and then fled the scene. He did show up eventually.
  • The local Hardees is offering up a new item . . .
Sounds a bit Nasty if you ask me!
  • Norwegian Scabies was diagnosed in a neighboring community hospital. Again - Nasty!
  • A former missionary, from a neighboring community was sentenced to 80 years for murdering his wife last year.

Entertainment news is strange and not really newsworthy. 
  • Jill (Duggar) Dillard has been photographed continuously since announcing her pregnancy. Don't get me wrong, I like the Duggars, BUT posting weekly photographs of her "bump" is a bit much. Let me just say . . . it is going to be a LONG pregnancy!
  • There are repeated reports of who is expecting, who will deliver their baby next and what celebrities are naming their baby. It almost seems as if there is some sort of contest out there surrounding pregnancy, bumps and strange names.
  • Celebrity deaths ~ yes, it is sad when someone dies, but days to weeks and months of coverage is a bit much. 
  • Apparently, celebs getting manicures and pedicures is now news.
  • What to Wear, What NOT to Wear - why not wear what makes you comfy?

Through all of the Social Media and News there is a varying degree of "news", much of it is heart wrenching and world changing. It is so sad more isn't reported on that is actually news . . . News we can rejoice about. News like:
  • There are no children in orphanages - all have been adopted.
  • All children have more than enough food to eat and keep them healthy.
  • There is fresh water available to all people.
  • Disease has been abolished.
  • People are good to one another.
  • Hatred has disappeared.
  • People have returned to God.
  • Prayer bans have been lifted.
  • Christians are not being persecuted.
  • Children are not being slaughtered.
  • Abortion has ceased.
  • Love is the only four letter word.
  • Domestic violence has disappeared.
  • Families are strong.
  • Our Nation is strong.
We will REJOICE, it is NOT impossible . . . There will come a time  . . . it could be any second . . . the clouds will part and Jesus will come back for his people. All of the above will change . . . in the twinkling of an eye.

Are you ready if Jesus were to come tonight?

The Bible has plenty to say about the Second Coming of Jesus.

There is also a new movie coming out . . .

Left Behind ~

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