Monday, September 1, 2014

Labor Day

It seems this day has been l-o-n-g, even the boys are commenting about it. We welcome the night sky tonight . . . we are all tired.

Today was Labor Day and that is what we did . . . we did accomplish much and that definitely feels good. Everyone pitched in to make lighter work for all.


  • cleaned out TWO cars
  • the truck had the front grill de-bugged and tidied
  • loaded a few more boxes up for school
  • dust mopped the kitchen
  • laundry - six loads of laundry and hand washed a small load
  • juiced veggies
  • let the ducks play on the deck
  • tidied the kitchen
  • cleaned off my desk - that was a chore as it seems to "catch" everything
  • treated one kiddo with a cold cloth and Benadryl for an allergic reaction to Who Knows What. His face broke out in hives - seems to have stemmed from cleaning out a corner of the garage. 
  • two more began itching after finishing the corner of the garage - more Benadryl
  • cleaned the duck house
  • treated our oldest son's sore throat . . . I hope it heals quickly
Although our day was busy, we enjoyed being home altogether.


Twizzler, Gwen and Finnigan enjoyed time on the main floor deck.
The love to explore and even look in the back door to see what is going on inside. 

Mia decided to help herself to the ducks' dried meal worms.
Apparently, she thinks she is part of the flock!

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