Sunday, September 14, 2014

Chores and a Picture Post

We have had a beautiful "fall" day today! The windows are open and we can hear the locust singing their song. I love hearing them each year and always relate their song to that back to school time.

Our day was a bit on the busy side . . . plenty of chores to tend to. 

One of the BIG chores to do was to go through the pantry and discard of anything expired. Next, go through the medicine cabinet ~ another big undertaking. We all worked together but it still took several hours.

Our pantry, fridge and freezers have all been going through a transformation. Cleaner eating! More veges, less meat, low junk food.

Our medicine cabinet has also gone through a big change. Much less in the way of traditional medicine and more in the way of Essential Oils!

Our big Ary Chamber Vac sits on the counter in the pantry by the fridge and the Vita-mixer. The shelves above it have pet supplies up top, extra jars and my supplies for making Cody's eczema salve on the middle shelf. The third shelf down holds my doTerra Essential Oils boxes, first aid kit, Sprite and Gatoraid (all that remains).

Our front facing upper shelving holds Organic soups, regular soups (that remain), pasta and rice. Fruit, empty jars, coffee and vitamins too.

This side of the upper holds baking supplies, Isagenix, Rodan Fields, extra dishes, take along water jugs and cookbooks.

Our cookbooks have changed as well. I still have all my cookbooks, but the organic, Live Foods, Vegan, Vegetarian, Juicing books are taking over.

The lower shelving continues to transition. It is a work in progress. Cereal for the boys, extra condiments, dog supplies, electric appliances, whole grain crackers, etc. 

Katelyn's home made Granola - YUM!

doTERRA Essential Oils in three separate boxes
Box 1 and 2 are what I am using and box x is extra.


Fresh Pumpkin Muffins

Fresh biscuits - only 4 ingredients and the boys loved them!

Fresh Vege Chili - Katelyn made it for dinner ~
Only ONE word to describe it . . .


This boy helped vacuum the pantry floor after the big clean out.

 Our list was long, but finally done as far as we are going to take it today.

I also transferred my telephone photos . . .

Reading Charlotte's Web


Finnigan and Twizzler

Katelyn and Twizzler

The BUDS before they went to live on a farm.
Jellybean and Skittles

Artemis taking a shower.

No privacy . . . anywhere.

Petunia Pricklebottom the hedgehog.


 Freshly painted house art.

Busy school day

In for a visit.

Gwen and Twizzler cleaning out my potted plants. 

Artemis looking all snazzy!

That's All Folks!

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