Thursday, September 18, 2014

Can He REALLY Be TWELVE? Lots of Pictures

Twelve years ago Randy, Katelyn and I were anxiously awaiting the birth of our first son Ryan Matthew. It is so very hard to believe it has been twelve years!!!

Happy 12th Birthday Sweet Boy!

We LOVE You!

Our second child and oldest son, you have always been the leader of the pack!

Life has always been intriguing to you . . .
especially where dirt was concerned!

You are always full out to "catch the BIG one"!

 Not sure what you were doing in this picture, but quite sure you were VERY loud!

 Growing to be quite a fisherman.
 It took a while for you to enjoy the pool, but once you took to it . . .
AQUA man!
 Although little brothers can get on your nerves, I always knew
you would be a great big brother!

Your mind is ALWAYS concentrating on HOW something works.

I have always loved this silly photo!

You are often carrying bags . . .
even now you carry my handbag wherever we go.

You have a love for animals . . .
you take after Katelyn and I.
Although there are times, the animals have run away and hid!
You are growing into a fine young man.

Aunt Ding Ding and Uncle Sam would be so very proud of you.

You named our newest duck - Gwen

We love to play "tricks" on you when you aren't expecting them.
You were a good sport about this one.

You cheered on your sister Katelyn . . .
it made me smile.

You are ornery.

You can be very loving . . .
just ask Twizzler.

You always loved Aunt Ding Ding's Fish!

Not only are you a twinkle in OUR eyes,
you were the TWINKLE in Uncle Sam's.

Ryan Matthew . . .

God BLESSED us the day YOU were born.

I Love You a Bushel and a Peck
a Bushel and a Peck with a hug around the neck!

Happy Birthday!


ParkerMama said...

Such a beautiful post. So fun to see all the pictures. Happy Birthday Ryan! Parker is sitting next to me signing 'friend'. xoxo

Leslie said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY RYAN!!! I remember it like yesterday we heard Ryan was on the way. What a handsome, young man he is growing up to be!

deb said...

Awesome time line. Thanks for sharing and happy birthday, Ryan!

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