Monday, August 25, 2014

Midnight - Thirty, Stuff, Food and Ding Ding

So . . .

It is Midnight-thirty, Katelyn and I are still up, everyone else is in bed.

There were things that needed tended before we head to bed, so we tackled them together.

  • Laundry is running in both washers.
  • Dishes are washed.
  • Counter tops have been wiped.
  • Spilled popcorn has been cleaned up.
  • The dining table has been cleared and washed.
  • Lunches for tomorrow are made and in the fridge.
  • The cars are loaded with extra school must haves for our classes this week.
The boys made popcorn tonight and were asked to clean up after . . .
hmmmm, must have "slipped" their minds . . . all of them.

* * * * *
My mind is thinking of fun menu items for dinner this week. I was browsing Pinterest and came across these:


Avocado Pasta

Grilled Caprese Sandwich

* * * * *

Three years ago today, we buried my sweet Aunt Darlene.
Our "Ding Ding"
I miss her.

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