Sunday, August 24, 2014

Feeling a Bit Like a Farm and Country Kind of Gal!

Busy, busy day in our kitchen/pantry today. Today we were busy "putting up fruits and veggies" to freeze. We accomplished quite a bit and I am thrilled! Our fridge, freezers and pantry are basically getting an interior face lift during our conversion to eating clean and fresh. 

I have wanted to purchase a good vacuum sealer for quite some time and finally decided on the Ary Chamber Vacuum Sealer.

Today was the first time we used it, and I am thoroughly convinced it is amazing!



We also accomplished corn on the cob, apples, grapes, chard and kale. We are so excited because we know we will be able to enjoy these fresh foods during the winter! From what I understand, using this vacuum system the foods taste just as good as they did before they were frozen. Can't wait to try them during the cold winter months! I have to say, they are ultra yummy now!

I must say, I feel a bit like a farm and country kind of gal! Maybe my inner Caroline Ingalls. O.k. so Caroline didn't have the convenience of a vacuum sealer, or electricity for that matter . . . I am just the newer modern version! lol

I think back to those mamas and grandmas that canned fruits and veggies during those hot, hot summer months. Sweating over steaming pots, preserving jams and jellies, baking bread . . . they were amazing and sacrificial women.

Such a beautiful and very colorful pantry!

I know this lady appears to be fresh as a daisy and probably not the one that canned up all of these delicious veggies. I simply loved the oldish fashioned photo.

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ParkerMama said...

Um.....GIRLFRIEND.....I am that Grandma sweating buckets in my kitchen as I can and can and

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