Saturday, August 2, 2014

Do Boys PMS?

I lay silently in bed as my husband quietly crawled out of bed. I lay in the stillness of the early morning letting myself drift in and out of sleep. It was then I felt my oldest son slip into daddy's side of the bed and pull up the covers. My boy just had braces put onto his teeth the day before and his mouth was hurting. 

He snuggled in and inched closer to me, little by little. My boy of nearly twelve still likes to be close to his mama. I smile and put my arm under his head, pull him near and he smiles. My heart knows my boy will soon be a man and the snuggles will disappear. These moments are precious and will be gone all too soon.

My boy is almost as tall as I am and has feet larger than his Daddy's. Puberty has begun its claim on my unsuspecting son. The brain of blankness has claimed part of him. Many times he is off to do something and totally forgets what he was going to do. His mind wanders . . . and that is totally normal for a boy from nine years old and up. Understanding this boyhood growth phenomenon is hard for mamas to grasp. We understand what goes on within the female brain and body, but these creatures God has made called boys are another matter entirely!

Boys 9-13 or so come with a variety of hormones. Yes, boys DO go through PMS but it is a bit different from what girls/women experience for a few days each month . . . PMS for boys stands for PRE - Manhood Syndrome and it lasts years instead of days. (According to Hal and Melanie Maxwell of Raising Real Men.)

What changes are my boys (and yours between the ages of 9 and 13) going to experience and allow you to experience with them? I am glad you asked!

  • distraction
  • absent mindedness
  • mood swings
  • strong sense of justice
  • doubts in spiritual issues
  • testing of boundaries
  • puts on that he is STRONG on the outside, even if he is struggling on the inside.
  • desire to start "acting big"
They are experiencing a great time of transition . . . and we as parents are along for the ride.
  1. Hormonal
  2. Emotional
  3. Mental
  4. Spiritual
Day to day I see my boys growing up before my eyes. My oldest is changing and doesn't like to "play" like his brothers do. My second oldest isn't far behind him. 

Simple quiet morning snuggles, quiet conversations, the simplicity of childhood . . . I want to enjoy it a while longer.

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