Friday, August 8, 2014

a Thursday Evening ER Visit

This morning I am thankful the weekend has begun for us. Yesterday we began with homeschool and ended the day with a visit to the emergency room. 

Our school day went well and all school work was completed. Ryan had an orthodontic appointment in the afternoon, so Katelyn took him to that. Bands were added to his molars and all wires are now in place.

Randy took Cameron with him as he had an appointment to have molds made of his legs for knee braces, one for each leg. Cameron sat in amazement as the technician wrapped Randy in casts and then cut them to get them off. The molds will proved the template for the knee braces. He had radical knee replacement surgery seven or eight years ago on his left knee and three years ago on his right. The prosthetic knees are worn inside and the doc suggested a bit more support with braces to hold off more surgery. Randy was willing to give it a try. 

Cody and EJ stayed with me for a bit until Katelyn picked EJ up and headed home. Cody stayed with me as I finished up office work before we headed home. 

I was in the drive talking to my Mom on the cellphone when EJ and Cody came running out of the house. Ryan was bleeding and I needed to come quick.

I quickly rushed inside to find Katelyn carefully rinsing Ryan's arm and hand. She had already removed the glass from his cuts and was running the water through the cuts to rinse them thoroughly. She made this mama proud with how she handled the situation.

The boys had been out cleaning the duck house and Ryan tripped/slipped on a scrub brush and fell into the door and put his arm through one of the glass panes.

A clean up and three stitches later we were on our way home. Ryan was such a trooper throughout the ordeal. 

This morning Ryan is sore from the injury, but was in tears from the pain of his teeth moving from the braces. Tylenol and Advil for the pain and plenty of relaxation for my boy.

Randy will be working on the glass panel replacement to ensure this does not happen again.

We are truly thankful this incident was not worse than it was. 


Leslie said...

Way to go katelyn as I am not sure I could have done so well with so much blood. What a special blessing that young lady is to all who know her. I will be praying for Ryan. My he looks so grown up.

Sabrina C. said... could have been so much worse. He is very lucky to only have had to get 3 stitches. I hated when I had braces and I was an adult when I got them. I always had to take Tylenol around the clock for a few days after getting them tightened. Praying he starts feeling better soon. Keeping Randy in our prayers also.

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