Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Tuesday and Stories Written By My Boys

It is tomorrow already - 1:10 a.m. as I write. The day had been long and I am tired, BUT too much in my head to sleep. I have been working on my homeschool planner and am very excited to see it coming together. Tuesday we headed into our little classroom that is adjacent to my office and accomplished a few things. The Katelyn and the boys helped a bit. 

I had a bit to tend to while I was there, so I already had a plan for the boys when they finished up helping. First they each read a few chapters in a book that is required reading for Literature in the upcoming school year. (Trying to get a little head start without them catching on.) So, Cody began reading Charlotte's Web, EJ and Cameron began reading Old Yeller. Once they had read a few chapters, I asked them to write a little story about their summer so far. Here is what they gave me:

First, Cody:

Evan James:


Well, there you have it! It appears we have a bit of penmanship, spelling and grammar to work on! lol 

Some of my FAVORITES from their stories . . .

  • He swimmed
  • played with our nighbors (neighbors)
  • our neibore (neighbor)
  • Alixzander (Alexander)
  • I thought my head was going to explode
  • Aunt Jainie - (Aunt Janeie)
  • sparkalers (sparklers)
  • Vacasion (Vacation)
  • mole berries (mulberries)
  • Aunt Dorus (Aunt Doris)
  • stadiun (stadium fireworks display)
  • Aunt Jeinie (Aunt Janeie)
  • Mia (Mya)

I am thrilled that Cameron's penmanship is pretty good! I think it is funny that Cody numbers his lines! I am certainly glad that Evan's head didn't explode because he was so happy!

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Unknown said...

Please tell the boys that I was proud of their penmanship! It is excellent work for vacation time!

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