Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Tonight I Took A Stand

Tonight, I took a STAND.

School has been out a little over two months and it shows. Our summer vacation was supposed to be pretty much carefree and fun, the keyword here is "supposed".

This summer has been quite challenging . . . my four boys have taken just about every opportunity to make Daddy, Katelyn and I crazy. Tonight I took a STAND . . . 

I took a stand against:

  • consistent bickering
  • poking
  • smacking
  • pinching 
  • taking one another's things
  • messing up one another's rooms
  • lying
  • tattling
  • ignoring house rules
  • disrespect
  • disregard for one another
  • manipulation
Tonight at dinner I asked the four boys a question about who had damaged our new air conditioner . . . all four simply stared at me as if I were speaking . . .


So, I asked again. Once again, no answer. It was at that point in our one sided conversation (because no one would answer me) that I had endured enough. It was then I clearly stated:

"Summer Vacation has officially ended! Tomorrow you will return to school." 

To say I had everyone's attention is an understatement. Randy and Katelyn stopped chewing and stared at me, my four boys' mouths had fallen open. Words began trickling from little boy mouths that sounded like this . . . "but, Mom . . . "but, but, but". Tomorrow we return to our Homeschool schedule, let the 2014-2015 school year begin.

Our homeschool classroom is all ready to greet us in the morning. My teacher planner has been filled in for nine weeks, books are separated for each of my boys, school supplies are on our shelves and learning is ready to begin . . . I hadn't planned to start until August 20, so we are a bit early in starting. There is a little PERK to starting a bit early . . . we can have some four day school weeks and still finish school on time in May, 2015. Of course, that all depends on how the boys do on their schooling.

Homeschooling is flexible - which I love! Many that homeschool their children do so without a planner and set goal for the school year . . . that is NOT me! I have been planning for this school year since school ended in May. Our classroom will be studying in the 
"Classical Christian Education" utilizingVeritas Press Curriculum.

Classical Christian Education: (Description from Veritaspress.org)

Young children (K–6th) are naturally inquisitive and both willing and capable of memorizing lots of material. This is the grammar stage. It’s when we help them absorb lots of information and master language and math basics.
As they get older (7th–9th), children become pert or argumentative. This is the dialectic or logic stage. That’s when we teach them how to think and how to argue. We teach them how things relate to each other—cause and effect.
Teaching a child who is prone to argue a better way to argue may seem dangerous. Thankfully, they grow out of that stage and move into the rhetoric stage (10th–12th) where they become more concerned about how they are perceived. Here we teach them rhetoric and how to communicate winsomely and effectively.

I am excited to see my boys learn in a whole new way. In fact, I am sure Katelyn and I will learn some new things along the way as well. Katelyn has already took a dive into Ryan's Literature reading for the year and is thrilled with them. I have gone through the various subjects and think the boys will really enjoy their hands on learning classes.

Say a little prayer for us . . . We are at countdown . . . T minus 9 hours and counting.

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The Whitakers said...

hahahhaha! We are starting on Monday! :) I plan to try the 4 day week for awhile also. No more Monday morning chaos! : ) Good luck to you. Your new curriculum sounds great. Take care and God Bless you and your boys greatly as you start this year.
Love, Kristi

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