Saturday, July 19, 2014

Simple Times . . . Living Life in the 70's

This afternoon our family all curled up next to one another and watched . . .

I recommend this movie for families of all ages! Such an amazing movie and message!

This movie got my mind to thinking of more simple times . . .

I was a small child in the sixties, born in 1964. I was a CHILD of the 70's, things were much different then. 

Crochet ponchos

 TV dinners

We LOVED Highlights for Kids

I think I actually had a pair just like these.

A locking Diary . . . a must have.

 Our ONLY electronic game.

 We too enjoyed colored toilet paper.

Loved my Crissy Doll . . . her hair grew!

 I had a pair of these too!

We enjoyed wholesome television shows like the Waltons.

My Mom carried a straw purse!

Our after school television favorite!
Gilligan's Island

Mood Rings

Feathered hair . . .
bending over and flipping your hair back was IN.

Rain Bonnets came in little tiny tote cases.

Who could resist?

Old movies with little kids shading their eyes from the ultra bright movie camera lights.

 Tupperware Coasters

Rotary telephone with 90' cord!

Mr. Bubble Bubble Bath

Oh the choices!

Like I said . . .

Simpler Times!

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