Saturday, July 5, 2014

Our July 4th

July 4th was a wonderful and relaxing day for us. We enjoyed visiting with my Mom, Dad, Aunt Doris and little Sophie too!

We began our day slowly and enjoyed the pace. As we approached noon, meal preparation was in full swing. We prepared BBQ chicken, potato salad, fresh green beans, fresh corn on the cob, hot dogs, sugar cookies and Blackberry fluff. The meal was wonderful and everyone ate until they were stuffed. Everyone pitched in on clean up which allowed a quick clean up and then everyone enjoyed each other's company.

Before we knew it, our company had gone home and darkness was falling. Time for the sparklers . . .

 After sparklers, it was time to take the boat out to watch our City's fireworks display. We timed it perfectly and didn't have to simply sit with impatient boys for them to start.

Mia decided she wanted to go with us . . . although she sat and shook the entire time. The other three furries were home as the loud booms shake them up. Mia and Beckett were dressed in red, white and blue in celebration of July 4th.

After the fireworks we headed home, docked the boat and relaxed while watching the neighborhood fireworks around the lake. Many of them were super loud and set off car alarms several times. 

It grew late and we all headed inside, although the BOOMS and Flashes of Fireworks light filled the sky.

The boys took their baths and headed off to bed. 

We were certainly blessed with a beautiful July 4th.

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