Thursday, July 3, 2014

July 3

This evening Randy and I decided to do a little fishing. We were doing pretty well . . . the bluegill were biting and I caught three, Randy caught a little bass and EJ caught a few bluegill. As we were fishing, our eight ducks came swimming up and just "hung out" with us a bit. We treated them to Cheerios - of which the loved. A Mama duck and her four babies swam up and decided to enjoy Cheerios too. As we were enjoying their treat something hit me on top of the head . . . Well, apparently a bird had eaten berries, as that is what landed on my head . . . processed berries. N.A.S.T.Y! Thank you VERY much!

Once the sun was set, the neighbors decided to begin setting off fireworks. They were quite loud, but the boys enjoyed watching them. While the fireworks display was happening, we had a little fire in our wood burning pit. Randy and I enjoyed chatting while watching the fire although I would jump every once in a while when a firework caught me off guard. 

My furry ones HATE fireworks and thunderstorms . . . tomorrow evening should be interesting. The boys are excited for July 4th and have been counting down the days. I enjoy the festivities of the day, but I could do without the ultra loud booms!

We were excited to pull our very first beautiful tomato from the vine today! The boys are so excited and want to slice it up so everyone can have some. I wonder if that tomato will last like the fish and the loaves in Bible times? lol . . .

Isn't it pretty?

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Nancy Wherry said...

You lead an exciting and wonderful life.................enjoy all your excitement! Happy 4th.

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