Saturday, June 28, 2014

What summer looks like at My house

Last night I stood outside while waiting for Emma to go potty and I noticed beautiful blinking lights. Fireflies a.k.a. lightning bugs in my neck of the woods. Lightning bugs make me smile. 

I sat and listened to my kids play in the swimming pool. Splashing and screams of fun were heard all around. There is so much fun to have in a swimming pool.

The sights and sounds of summer . . . screaming children playing tag, keep away, baseball, etc. Exhausted boys at night . . . almost too tired to take their baths before heading to bed. 

Ducks and ducklings waddling up into the yard. Many times they simply hang out and other times they want a bit of love.

Grill out lunch and dinner. Fruits and veges plentiful and delicious! Refreshing ice filled glasses of herb tea, lemonade or simply water.

Staying up late and sleeping in.

Watching movies altogether when the heat of the day sets in.

Evenings outside on the deck, on the patio or by the lake.

Easy going style . . . Summer time!

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