Monday, June 2, 2014

The Sounds of Summer, Porches to Backyards

Summer . . . I know it isn't "officially" here . . . but it is close.

I love the sounds of "Summer" . . .

  • crickets 
  • birds chirping
  • kids playing outside
  • screams of delight (yes even from boys)
  • splashes from the swimming pool
  • water from the hose
  • chit chat between boys
  • lawn mowers
  • trimmers and edgers
  • ducklings peeping
  • games of hide and seek as the sun fades away
  • impromptu baseball games in the back yard
I love that the boys can run and play until I can barely see them running through the yard with sweet friends. 

I love chatting with our NEW neighbors that I have known for years. We are so excited they moved in and they have kiddos in age that match mine pretty closely. Our boys are thrilled to have new friends to play with. Randy, Katelyn and I have also gained some lil' buddies and we love it. 

As Randy and I enjoyed the evening outside I sat and watched for the blink blink of a lightning bug. I didn't see any and wonder where they have all gone. When I was little (ages ago) we loved catching them . . . of course, like most other kids back in ancient times, we would pull the light part off their bodies and wear them as rings. Pretty shocking confession isn't it?

Tonight I smile as I think of 1950 Front Porches . . . Neighbors would sit out and enjoy their friends and neighbors. Chatting about the day and encouraging one another while watching the kids run and play. I have mentioned a time or two before that I wish those gentler times would return. Well, FRONT porches may not work for our neighbors, but I am thrilled that we can enjoy socializing with our neighbors in our backyard. Decks off the back of houses, backyard patios and sitting areas. Families slowing down a little to enjoy life . . . its the little things.

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ParkerMama said...

I am SO happy that you have new neighbors that you enjoy and can feel close to! Good neighbors make such a difference!

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