Thursday, June 19, 2014

Houston . . . We May Have a Problem!

Two days ago we released our little feathered friends onto the lake. They had been out with us many times swimming and eating on their own. We had been watching them and smiled each time we saw them swimming along all together.

This evening, Cameron went to put food out for them and they came right up to him. He pet them and then they followed him up into the yard. Cameron came running in to tell us and Katelyn went to check out the "situation". They were no longer out back, so she walked up the hill to the drive . . . and there they were. All eight of them were standing by the garage door waiting to be allowed in.

Of course, our itty hearts were welling up with surprise and I suppose a bit of pride . . . our bitty ducklings had come home all on their own.

They have all grown so much! "Ahem" Little Gwen was happy to have them back . . . she is the one laying down toward the left center.

They are SO Happy and were chatting among themselves. 

Tonight our babes are safe and sound asleep in an air conditioned garage. We are thrilled they love us so much!

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