Sunday, May 25, 2014

Too Much to Do!

We have had a super duper busy day . . . the weather was beautiful. We cleaned the boat . . . end to end. I had my helpers so the job was not so huge. Then we swept the dock off . . . plenty of tree garbage there. We let the ducks swim . . . first the BIG ducks, then the 2nd grade ducks and last the bitty ones. They were a bit chilled, so we didn't leave them out long. They are back under their heat lamp as I write and happily peeping. Everyone is back in their pens and we headed in right before it began to rain. 

Randy had a list of his own . . . he replaced the ceiling fan in our family room, cleaned the jet skiis, charged their batteries and took them for a quick run to get the bugs out and replaced one of the jet ski canopy covers. He had our family friend Mark help him accomplish his list. 

We still need to blow the seeds from the big tree off our patio. It is a complete mess, but since it is raining I guess that will have to wait until tomorrow. (heavy sigh!)

Katelyn was busy in the kitchen while everyone else was outside. She baked three loaves of bread, potato salad, cookies and cinnamon rolls. The aroma of fresh baked goodness filled the house.

The remainder of the day I intend to relax and enjoy. How about you?

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