Saturday, May 10, 2014

Tiny Peeps . . .

Tiny little peeps are beginning to sound off in our home once again. The ever incredible duckling hatches began yesterday. Some are faster and some are slower at hatching. Just like human babies, they all have their own speed of "birth".

This time around there were eleven eggs to hatch . . . 9 Mallards and 2 Cayuga ducklings. We expected the Cayuga eggs to hatch first, but two of the little Mallards got a jump on them. Little over-achievers! The hatching continues as I write . . . four tiny Mallards are almost free of their eggs. Three little Mallards are walking all over in the brooder tonight and laying atop the two Cayuga and one Mallard duckling that haven't quite got their land legs yet. The little ones scoot all over the brooder, but don't quite have their coordination down. We expect to see them on their feet sometime tomorrow. One little Mallard did not survive the hatch and died overnight, it only made it halfway out of the shell. He/She had white markings where the yellow usually is on a Mallard. 

The Mrs. G 2nd Grade Ducklings are growing like little weeds. I saw them today at school. Mrs. G and the class invited me to come in on Friday and I was excited to go. They overwhelmed my heart with loving letters from each child . . . they are learning the format of letter writing and they are doing very well! I read each and every letter and will treasure my sweet little friends forever. I was also surprised with a beautiful gift . . . a lovely terrarium with orchid inside. Orchids are one of my very favorite flowers. Tomorrow the ducklings will return home . . . my kids are ready to see them (and so is Daddy)! The 2nd grade has taken such good care of them! They have grown very VERY well! I was told today they even had a little escape artist duckling that decided one day to escape and enjoy the classroom! I would have love to have watched that little escapade!

The hour is late . . . Tomorrow I promise to post pictures of Mrs. G's 2nd Grade ducklings . . . Hector, Gilligan, Samuel and Igor. I also will take pictures of the newest arrivals and post them as well. 

Sleep Well!

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