Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Sick Duck and His First Vet Visit

Katelyn, Ryan and I are getting in a bit of extra duck learning this week. Poor little Jellybean has not been feeling well so yesterday I called all around to Vet offices to see what doctor treats ducks. The calls went a little like this:

Hi, my name is Julie and I need to bring my duck in for examination because he is sick. (silence) Hello? (Yes, I am here . . . you have a what?) I have a duck . . . a White Pekin Duck that is sick and I need to know if any of your veterinarians treat ducks. (Ummm, hold on, let me check . . . No, I am sorry no one has knowledge to treat ducks.) O.k. Thank You.

After contacting several vet offices in the course of 45 minutes or so, I finally reached an office that would see our duck, but not until this afternoon.

Katelyn, Ryan and I got into the car and headed 20 minutes south with TWO ducks in the kennel this afternoon. Skittles accompanied Jellybean as he began coughing this morning. 

We headed down the road with McD's for lunch - picked up by Katelyn. Of course, fries are generally the first to be eaten by everyone! About ten minutes into the drive, Ryan said, "OH NO!" To which I responded Oh No What? 

I hope you are sitting down folks . . . "One of the ducks just puked on my cheeseburger!" 

Ummmm, exuse me? Ryan repeated himself. Apparently, while Ryan was eating his fries he had his cheeseburger laying open on the seat next to him in front of the kennel. Skittles actually did throw up on Ryan's cheeseburger, which was promptly discarded! I had not eaten my cheeseburger yet, so I gave it to Ryan and told him to hold onto it . . . don't lay it down!

We arrived several minutes before our scheduled appointment and checked in with reception. The receptionist was interested in the ducks and took pictures of them for their Facebook. Soon, we went into an exam room and waited for Doctor George. Doc George was on farm calls, so we waited for him to arrive. As we waited, we chatted and relaxed with our feathery babes. 



Doesn't he look puney?

Doctor George came into the exam room and introduced himself. He asked what was going on with the ducks and I explained Jellybean's symptoms and also that Skittles began coughing. Dr. George continued to examine both of them. I mentioned that I didn't think either of them were breathing correctly. He agreed. The eye discharge Jellybean had along with the other symptoms had him thinking it was a respiratory infection. He asked if we happened to have a stool sample . . . it was as if Jellybean understood because he provided a fresh stool sample right then. Everyone laughed and Doctor George said, "couldn't be any fresher than that!" One look at the stool and the diagnosis was definitely a respiratory infection. Dr. George prescribed six days of antibiotics for all of the ducks, as they have all been exposed to it. The antibiotics will be put into their water for six days. 


Sabrina C. said...

OMG! A fresh sample! That is hilarious. I hope all of your ducks know just how special they are to have your family caring for them. I love reading your blog updates about your family and the ducks. My daughter will be 16 yrs. old in September and she has hinted to me that she would rather get a horse for her birthday instead of a car. We live in the country so she just might get that horse she wants.

The Whitakers said...

We LOVE Dr. George! He (unfortunately), has had to make many housecalls to the farm for various critters. We all enjoy visiting with. Hope all your animals are back to normal soon. : )
love, Kristi

Julie said...

Thanks girls! The ducks all seem to be feeling a bit better. They even played in their new little pool today for a bit and had a bath.

Dr. George is incredible and knew exactly what to do! We are so thankful.

Julie said...

I would LOVE to have a horse! I hope your daughter gets her horse Sabrina!

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