Saturday, May 17, 2014

Post 1,501

I find it very hard to believe this is my 1,501 post on this blog, but here we are. 

The hour is late, but I wanted to get a post in tonight. The little ducks are peeping away . . . they can get pretty loud when the house is quiet. The ducklings are extremely vocal when they NEED something. Their water was getting a bit low and one of them really let me know about it! They began outgrowing their Sterlite container that we were using as a brooder. We saw a great idea on Pinterest ~ using a pack-n-play. Of course, we have been out of the baby equipment stage for quite some time, so we didn't have one stored away. Randy made a trip to the store and came back with two . . . 

We popped them up, inserted all of the necessities, added the heat lamp for the week old ducklings, taped to the stool with "duck" tape so the lamp doesn't fall and Ta Da . . . larger brooder with mesh sides so the ducklings can interact with everyone. I put the "brooders" end to end so the Mrs. G 2nd Grade ducklings could interact a bit with the week old ducklings. It is really fun to watch them watch and talk to each other.

Randy has been building a "duck" house. I really wanted a sweet cottage looking house for the ducks instead of the chain link fenced one we have. My sweet hubs in building them one . . . 

I was recently invited to a Norwex party and I ordered a few recommended items. The Enviro Cloth and the Window Cloth ~ I was let in on the wonderful shine Norwex cloths give to Granite with simply a wipe with water and a shine with the window cloth.
My counter tops are like mirrors!

Seeley Booth is standing in the background. 

Tomorrow morning comes quickly . . . so I am off to bed. G'night all.

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