Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day for Real

Mother's Day . . . A day of Celebration focused on Mothers everywhere. Hmmmmmm, I wonder how many Moms actually can say it was the most perfect day ever.

Although many of us have lovely moments during our "special" day, normal life is not perfect, no matter how hard we try.

I am not trying to bum anyone out, I am simply trying to point out that many people try to put on a "my life is perfect" facade while others feel badly that their "family" can't seem to get it together.

This Mother's Day . . . I am keeping it REAL. I am NOT a "Perfect" Momma . . . my kids are not perfect either.

Randy and two of the boys ran errands this morning and picked up breakfast. While waiting for them to arrive home, I began cleaning the duckling brooders only to be interrupted by EXCESSIVE Peeping coming from Mrs. G's 2nd Grade duckling brooder. I walked over to see what was up and found Samuel the duck on the outside of the brooder and the other three were TELLING (peeping loudly) on him. I scooped him up and put him back in the brooder. I removed the towel I had placed across the top so Houdini couldn't try that again. Apparently, it was time for a bigger brooder, so we put this one up . . . we call it the duckling challenge!

Once they were taken care of, I decided to take photos of the newest ducklings . . .

We are so pleased that all are doing well . . . they are all so very sweet!

Randy made up a big pot of chili . . . YUMMY! Not your typical Mother's Day lunch, but I loved it. 

Throughout the day we had our typical kid nonsense, so we decided about 3:00 p.m. everyone needed a nap. Randy and I both grew weary of the tattling, the boys irritating one another, the lying (yes we have that too), and the fighting between them. 

After naps, Randy asked what I wanted for dinner. We decided on grilled cheese. It really hit the spot! We also had Tres Leche Cake made by our "Alice". It was beautiful!

I received beautiful Boston Ferns from Randy. Katelyn picked up flowers for my small containers and the boys made me these:

This was in one piece when it was given to me. Not sure what or who happened to it. A little Gorilla glue and it is like new again.

I received hugs and "I LOVE YOU" from everyone throughout the day.

After naps, we headed outside to enjoy the weather and let the ducks run around a while.

The beginning of the Belly Rubs!

This little one was WAY RELAXED!
(Yes, it was alive and relaxed.)

They love the water. Katelyn was pouring this and they were attacking the stream. Too bad we couldn't catch it in a photo.

Everyone was curious of the new little ones. 

After all of the fun outside, we headed in to take care of normal chores. The guinea pig cage needed cleaning . . . that took a while. It wouldn't have taken long, but the boys chose to mess around instead of actually help until I got onto them. 

Time to empty dishwashers, reload, tidy up, etc.

Finally, it was time to head inside for bath time.
Whew . . . 

There are days when I hear these . . .

and there are days I feel like this:

 and this comes into play several times a day

AND don't forget a Family Favorite . . .


I am Blessed to have FIVE children call me Mom.
I Love each and everyone of them more than life itself.
My heart sings when they tell me they Love me!

This is MY Family . . .
(except the Globetrotters)


During the easy and fun times . . .
and the difficult ones too.


I prayed and prayed and begged God for children.
My children were not given to me haphazard . . .
God specifically chose each one.
Thank you God!

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ParkerMama said...

YOU and your family are beautiful, Julie. And talk about 'non-perfect' families.......Rigel and Brant STILL get into it trying to win the Alpha Brother Position. sigh. Reed had to tell them both to knock it off. :::shaking my head in total wonder:::

But it WAS awesome to eat a dinner I didn't have to cook! :D


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