Monday, May 5, 2014

End of Weekend

Why is it weekends go so fast? Wow . . . I think I must have blinked and missed 1/2 of it.

Tomorrow begins another busy week . . . guess it is better to be busy than idle. EJ turns 10 on May 5 . . . I guess that is already today! Sheesh!!! I am a tad behind in writing. Our kids are growing up quickly . . . Katelyn is 21, Ryan is 11, Cameron will be 11 next week, EJ is now 10 and Cody is 8. 

The kids spent the day outside today . . . ALL day! They played many games with the kids that are moving in next door. Kept those boys busy and they should sleep great tonight.

The ducklings will head off to Mrs. G's 2nd Grade tomorrow. I am certain the kids will be ULTRA excited to actually see them. They are so very tiny and ACTIVE! 

This week will bring more duckling hatches. The two Cayuga ducklings should begin hatch in three days and the nine Mallard ducklings should begin hatch in five or six days. 

I better keep this one short . . . bedtime for me.

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