Sunday, May 11, 2014

Duckling Update and Photos

Today our Mrs. G 2nd Grade ducklings arrived home once again. Let me tell you, they have really grown! 

I took a quick picture of them in their brooder tonight.
They like to tap on the side of the brooder and make a drumming noise. Silly little ducks!

Seven of the newest ducklings are in a brooder together . . . six Mallards and one Cayuga. We were sad to find the second Cayuga died overnight. There is no rhyme or reason, simply nature taking its course with these little ones. Although we try to take extremely good care of them, there are times when nothing can be done. It seemed fine prior to us going to bed, but it simply died. 

These little ones are getting pretty active. They also are VERY aware if one or two are missing. They begin peeping loudly as if they are lost and trying to help them find their way back. It is amazing how God has designed these little ones to care for one another.

They are doing well and getting to moving. The little Cayuga has Splayed or Spraddle legs, so we have taped them to help with healing and strength. Finnigan had the same condition with his legs and it took about a week for him to walk unaided. Little Gwen will have a bit of therapy each day until her legs and hips are strong and she can walk on her own well. 

Let me introduce you to our little Cayuga duckling . . .
Everyone, this is Gwen Fiona:

We had already chosen her name . . . Fiona, but Ryan really wanted to give her the name Gwen, so . . . Gwen Fiona.

And now for the tiniest of the ducklings:
These two little ones are in Ducky ICU. The seemed to be slow at hatching, slow at moving around, slow at drinking and eating and slow to get on their little feet. They are looking so much better than yesterday, but have a way to go. We have supported their little legs and given them little duck massages. We are providing electrolytes and probiotics in their drinking water . . . they are just beginning to drink and eat. It may take them a little longer, but they are little fighters and I think they will achieve normal ducky life. Once they can hold up their head without bobbling around, we will introduce them to a little swimming (assisted and protected of course).

In a few days, we will be taking the Official Cute Duckling photos.

For now, I am heading to bed . . . 

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