Saturday, May 31, 2014

'Cause Boys Roll Like That

Boys are unusual creatures and I truly believe God laughed when he made little boys and gave them to Moms. I often shake my head in disbelief at how boys "roll".

Every day in our house there is something that leaves me in "awe". 

1. Two minutes in a completely tidy room and it is a disaster area.
2. Send a boy to "get" something and it takes 10 minutes for him to come back to you and ask you "What" it was you needed.

3. Boys tend to take the long way around of everything.
4. Boys can be look directly at something but never find it.
5. Underwear may or may not be found in the upstairs hallway.
6. "Why?" is the question and "Because I am the Mom and I said so" is the answer.
7. Not Me lives in our house with our four boys. It is amazing how much trouble Not Me gets into. I wish he would go back to where he came from.

8. Are all "little brothers" pesky and irritate "older brothers"?

 9. Of course Not Me invited Nobody and IDA know.

10. Each Morning, I had to get each of my boys up during the school year but now that is summer vacation we have had a Christmas miracle! Three of my boys are up by 8:00 a.m. each morning. The other is practicing to be a teenager.

11. Spills in the kitchen? What spills? 
12. Pee on the toilet seat? Wasn't us.
13. Bath time . . . Did you take a bath? Yes. Did you use soap? (Insert blank stare here.)
14. What do you mean I need to brush my teeth morning AND night? 
15. Mom, there are suds coming from the dishwasher!!! What soap did you use? The DISH soap. Ummmmmm Dawn Dish soap is for handwashing the dishes NOT the dish washer. (No, I am not kidding!)
16. The house is quiet and I hear my youngest yelling from the bathroom . . . "Anybody . . . Anybody . . . Is there Anybody OUT there?" What do you need Cody? "I am STUCK in here I NEED Toilet paper!"
17. Take the dogs out? I did, I took Seeley out. What? You mean I have to take Mia and Emma out too? (Insert HUFF here!)
18. When the boys actually clean their room and put things away where they belong they are surprised at the really cool stuff they find.
19. I have to remind myself, Randy and Katelyn . . . just because you see a box of something in the pantry doesn't mean there may actually be something in the box.
20. All of the boys, including Daddy, think Mom knows Where EVERYTHING is in the house. Mom is also the only one that can problem solve.

Yep, my life is just like FAMILY CIRCUS! 
(I wouldn't trade it for anything!)

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