Saturday, May 31, 2014

1st Week of Summer Vacation

Our first week of Summer Vacation 2014 was a pretty good one. There were the ups and downs of four competitive brothers, but we made it through. Sometimes they "get it" and other times they "ignore it". 

Today we began short little lessons of fun with penmanship, maps and history. I want the lessons to be fun so one of the books contains jokes, they like jokes and they didn't mind the lessons.

Our family mourned a little no named duckling that was doing well until four days ago when its health began to decline. We tried to help it every way we knew and even took it to the vet for an overnight stay, but this morning it was clear . . . nature was taking its course. Our two vets and I agreed . . . this little one was too weak to recover and it painlessly went to sleep. We are so thankful for our kind and loving animal doctors!

The other ducklings are doing well. Mrs. G's 2nd Grade ducklings went for their first swim in the lake and LOVED it. Afterward they filled up on crickets and peeped happiness for a long time.

The ducklings had four very attentive "life guards" making sure they stayed close and safe.

The smallest ducklings - now a little over 3 weeks old have been moved outside. They now are working on foraging inside their pen for bugs. We also gave them a little lesson in foraging through the water for crickets. They are naturals! They also love running around in the grass and let me tell you, they are really fast!

Gwen, the Cayuga is growing well. She is so beautiful, but I think she believes she is a Mallard. She and the Mallards get along beautifully! We love to watch them interact.

The weekend has arrived once again and we are going to spend it enjoying our family and relaxing!

Have a great Saturday.

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