Sunday, April 27, 2014

We Have Babies!

I probably should have titled this post - We Have Ducklings!, but what is the fun of that? I guess I like to keep people guessing what in the world is that family doing now?! lol

Last night before bed Katelyn and I checked the duckling eggs that my sister's 2nd grade class was incubating. We had noticed that there were three bills inside the air sac and one was not. We waiting until this morning and the ducklings' bills were totally inside the air sack and they were getting ready to pip the outer shell. We check egg 2 - "Hector" and did not see a pip, so I gently poked a little hole in the air sac to peek in. Well, low and behold little Hector was breech. His little duck bill was on the other end. I located a little area on the small end that was discolored from the rest of the shell and gently made a small hole. There it was! Hector's little duck bill. Boy was he happy!!! I gently took loose the shell of the area of which there were no more veins which allowed him to peek out. After a bit I check again and this time the egg was very brittle. You can see the cracking as the egg dried out. See little Hector's bill inside?

 This is Hector once he was out of most of the shell.

This little fella is almost out of his shell. I took him out to show you how small he is.

As the day passed, the little ducklings became a bit more aware they were out of their shells. Hatching is a long and tedious chore for the poor little babies! They are exhausted and sleep most of the day away.

Every once in a while you will hear them peep peep peep. It is so adorable! I am sure the kiddos in Mrs. G's 2nd grade are going to be thrilled when they see these little guys!

Duckling Video - click on the Link "Duckling Video"

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