Saturday, April 26, 2014

Spring and DUCKS

Spring has finally arrived and we have been enjoying the outside. Our poor neighbors know without a doubt my boys are outside . . . boys are such noisy things . . . don't you think?

A few days ago, we spent a lot of time outside with the ducklings, Finnigan, the boys and dogs. We had a great time! Katelyn took pictures of the ducklings.

 Finnigan in the water bowl.

 Skittles, Jellybean and Twizzler

Beautiful Twizzler turns more white each day.

 Skittles looks like he has a little mohawk on top.

 Who, Me?

 Ryan has their attention.

Finnigan had been a little testy with the ducklings prior to this week. He would grab duckling fluff and pull. Of course, he ended up in ducky time out and told "NO! That was Shamie!"
We were curious as to what his behavior toward the ducklings once outside . . .
We were pleasantly surprised. Finnigan began herding them.
He walked with them, walked circles around them and simply "hung out" with the ducklings - that are almost as big as he is now. 

A little loving from Daddy! 

 Silly Mia

 Finnigan and Twizzler.
Finnigan has begun protecting and defending the ducklings.

 Finnigan is showing off again!

Did I tell you that Finnigan went to school the other day?
He did so very well!
The kiddos and teachers all loved him.
He was certainly in an element he didn't mind.
The children all pet and talked to him.
He stood still and let them "love" him.
He visited three second grade and one first grade class.
Finnigan was pretty tired when we got home.
He slept for the afternoon.
Who would have thought a Duck would be such a wonderful
show and tell?!


The Whitakers said...

Hi Julie! Your back! : ) We missed you. : ) Love all the pictures. I bet taking them to school was alot of fun. And yes, thankfully it is spring and there will be many more wonderful days outside coming! Take care, HAppy Sunday. Kristi

Jenny @ flutterbyechronicles said...

Great pics :) Your little duckies are so adorable.

Julie said...

Hi, Jenny and Kristi!

It has been a while in between posts. I seem to run out of time and fail to post. Hopefully, I can post a bit more regularly!

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