Monday, April 14, 2014

Mish Mash Post

After a few beautiful days here in Central Illinois, it is snowing. I, like most other Central Illinois Residence are growling a bit tonight. I am trusting the cold snap and the snow will be short lived!


Things are going well in our little area of the world. The boys are doing well in school and are down to their grading period of this school year.

Business is going strong . . . To God be the Glory!


I am working with my sister Janeie's 2nd Grade class. They are learning the fun and facts of Duck Hatching. Wednesday will mark two weeks! The kids are thrilled and thinking up names for the little ducklings. So far, we have four little Mallards growing. Prayerfully, they will make it all the way to hatch. Wednesday, we will be candling (think baby sonogram) each egg to get a glimpse of each duckling's activity and growth. Should be fun!


Finnigan continues to do well. He has even enjoyed some beautiful days outside in his pen. The three Pekin ducklings have joined him outside, but enjoy safety from Finnigan in the smaller duck run we used last year. Randy put it inside the big dog run/pen so they could be together, but separate until the ducklings can defend themselves.

Right after I took this photo, Finnigan decided to pull some duckling fluff/bitty feathers from one of the ducklings. We don't tolerate any of the ducks picking on another, especially the babies. Finnigan received a few minutes of quality time alone in Ducky Time Out. He sassed a little bit, but is behaving himself now.


Randy's Mom and Dad have moved into assisted living. It is very close to us and a beautiful place. His Mom seems to have made the transition very well. His Dad has put up a bit of a fuss, but seems alright for the moment. We are thankful they are in a lovely place and have immediate assistance if they need it.


I have been collecting some fun new recipes through Pinterest. Now to make them!


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