Thursday, March 13, 2014

Spring, Deception

Spring, Where are you?

I am sure many people in the Midwest are asking the same question. This winter has been l-o-n-g and hard. Children, Dads and Moms are all stir crazy and have cabin fever.

This past week I have been at home with a nasty cold and hurt back. I have had plenty of time to rest and am feeling a bit better. Hopefully this nasty virus will leave our home soon! A girl can hope right???


Do you ever wonder about people? Do people ever disappoint you? I am pretty certain everyone can answer yes to those two questions, including myself.

Not a day goes by that I realize someone has not been exactly honest with me. I have to tell you, it gets to me some times. Why do people make things so hard? 

In all honesty, I know the answer to these questions - SIN, straight up. What I don't understand is . . . how can a person be less than straight forward and honest with another that is trying to help them?

I will never, ever understand people. Animals I understand!

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