Friday, March 28, 2014

Pictures and Update

Jellybeans . . . the Starburst Jellybeans! Oh Yeah!

Cody and I made a little Jellybean song . . . he is dancing around and singing it. lol

Oh Dear, I do believe THAT boy needs a hair cut!


In other news . . .

After nearly a month, I actually feel like a person again. My cold has pretty much gone, although I do cough a bit from time to time. Woo Hoo!!! It has been a l-o-n-g road baby!

I finished up my week with Doc C our "Back Doc" and I must say, I actually feel good tonight. I went in for my third visit this week with pain in my lower left back and Mr. Magic Fingers as I call him made the back feel so much better! Three weeks ago I could not even stand up and tonight I feel so much better. Thanks Doc C!


Last weekend Katelyn brought home three little orphans . . .

Twizzler - (she is my favorite)

 The ducklings are growing by leaps and bounds.

Three pictures from last week are above.

And now from today:

Sorry for the poor quality of these quick on the fly photos.

and photos from tonight:


I cooked a HUGE dinner tonight - I called 1-800- Pizza! Yum!

Now to begin enjoying our weekend.

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