Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Concealed Carry for Four

I am sorry it has been so long since I last posted! Our days have run together this past week and it has been so hard to sit down and post. 

We were blessed this past weekend to be able to attend an Illinois Concealed Carry Class in Morton, Il. My sister Janeie stepped up and watched the boys for us on Saturday. She brought her helper girls . . . beautiful Kendra, Alyson and Jenn, plus furry daughter Lucy. The boys had a fabulous time!

Saturday found Katelyn, Randy, my Dad and I learning the basics of Pistols, Pistol Safety, Pistol Shooting and actually shooting a pistol for the very first time. I surprised myself . . . my knees were shaking so hard at the beginning of the shooting portion! It also was pretty cold outside at the range.

Katelyn quickly caught on and accomplished the practice without a hitch. Randy, Dad and I didn't do too bad either! Of course, you could tell we were a bit *ahem* GREEN! I must confess . . . the very first time I shot, I screamed and almost dropped my pistol. I knew there would be a BANG, I knew I was supposed to be surprised . . . and I definitely was. After the first few rounds, I felt more comfortable with the grip, aim and trigger. We began with paper plate targets and ended our shooting with silhouettes. The four of us passed our Illinois qualification and were thrilled. I even did a little HaPpY dAnCe!

 Katelyn's Target Silhouette

 My Target Silhouette

 Sunday was day 2 of our training. Mom and Sophie came to be with the boys for a VERY long day. The boys told me they had a great time . . . although I am pretty sure Mom was exhausted!

Our class was full to overflowing with information. Notes were taken like crazy on both days. We had written tests both days and all passed! We were thrilled!!!

Now, applications have been filed and paid for . . . now we wait for the Concealed Carry Licenses to come in the mail and THAT may take a while!


Sabrina C. said...

I have thought about doing this also. What made you guys decide to do it? What about the boys? Do you plan to keep them locked in a gun cabinet? That is what I have thought about, but if I had an intruder in my home and if it was locked away I would not be able to get to it quickly.

Julie said...

Very good questions Sabrina! We decided to take the class and obtain our CCL simply for safety. Every day we read about crime escalating all over the country and felt we really should have some sort of protection.

The boys will be going through NRA children's teaching. I ordered various materials and we will be having a "learning session" to introduce them to the importance of gun safety, etc. I plan to begin after Easter.

Our guns are previously stored where the boys cannot access them. We also store ammo separately from the guns - also where the boys cannot get to it. We have purchased thumb ID access for the pistols once we decide to store them for Grown up ease of access. As you stated, if they are locked away we could not get to them quickly.

Safety is our number one concern and we are making decisions accordingly.

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