Thursday, March 6, 2014

Behavior Contract and Chores for My Boys!

This winter has been an extremely long one in our home. The boys are all keyed up and NEED to be outside to run off their energy. Instead we have had fussing, fighting, disobedience, carelessness, disregard for others, hatefulness, etc. I sat for a long while today thinking about how to address my boys to change their way of "action and reaction".

I came upon this:

After school this afternoon, I sat down with my boys and we read through the Behavior Contract. I explained each and every paragraph and asked if there were any questions. Of course, there were several and I was happy to hear them. 

The boys all agreed to the Behavior Contract and happily signed them. Of course, I already had written in the blank the privileges they would gain. Further down the page I listed the consequence if they did not abide by the contract.

After the contract business I sat down and designed a chore list for each of the boys. They will rotate the caring of all pets by week. I also listed the daily items expected each morning, after school and before bed. 

I am hoping the above will help our mornings to run more smoothly. The boys will rotate each week having a different pet chore for the entire week.

This evening we had our first "learning" curve . . . dissension in the chore ranks. It was quickly resolved as soon as I mentioned "Contract" Minus 1 point and I am sorry to say you will not have a 100% for the bonus at the end of next week. Then a second "learning curve" when one of my cherubs decided to throw a little attitude at his brother because he didn't want to take the dog out. I repeated "Contract" and Minus 1 point . . . the message was received loud and clear. 

The house has been relatively calm tonight - which is a HUGE plus! We shall see what tomorrow brings . . . I am letting them ease into it today, tomorrow and Saturday before we actually begin on Sunday, but don't tell them! 


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