Saturday, March 22, 2014

a Bit of a Catch Up Post

I feel a bit disconnected from my lil' blog . . . I have never gone so long between posts!

My life has been turned upside down for the past three weeks or so. I came down with an awful cold around March 4 or so. So many people have had it and I don't recommend getting it if you haven't had it, you aren't missing anything!

Several days after I was hit with the cold bug, I hurt my back. Stubborn me decided it would "fix itself" so I basically tried to ignore it, but it revolted resulting in bed rest for several days because I couldn't stand up. I really didn't mind the rest, but after two weeks with the cold and ten days with my back literally killing me every time I sat or stood, I had enough and called the Chiropractor.

I have completed four days of treatment with Doc C and feel TONS better. After the beginning assessment, Doc C found degeneration in my spine along with disc trouble in my L4 and 5. I also have arthritis in my shoulders. Personally, I feel I am too young to have these issues - My Dad said "Life Begins at 50" and I have several more months before I am actually there! Of course, he was joking, but said, "Yep, 5 minutes of wonderful and straight down from there!" Love my Dad!

Katelyn joined in on the visits with Doc C and is following in her Mama's footsteps. She is a mirror image of me with the addition of a neck issue but minus the arthritis. She too has enjoyed feeling better with the adjustments that have been made this past week.

Katelyn and I are encouraging Randy to go and visit "the Man" for what ails him, but he shrugs us off, at least for now.


Spring has finally arrived and today was beautiful. Thank you God for such a warm day . . . high of 63 degrees! However we drop about 20 degrees for tomorrow and a little more on Sunday. (Insert unhappy face here!)

Sunday brings our youngest son's birthday - he will turn EIGHT! He has been counting down the days for a while now! It is hard to believe our baby is going to be eight years old. Where has the time gone?


The newest Disney movie Frozen has become a favorite in our home. The music and animation are wonderful! Such a cute movie the whole family can enjoy!

Ryan was thrilled to be invited to the God is NOT Dead movie tonight and absolutely loved it. He wore his shirt to the movie -

 We have not gone to see it as a family yet, but I am sure it will be on our list to either go see or purchase when it becomes available.


The boys are on spring break next week, so I hope the weather and my back cooperates. It should be fun!

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