Wednesday, February 12, 2014

What is it Like Having a Finnigan in Your House?

People give me the funniest look when I mention we have a pet duck. After the initial bewilderment, the questions begin.

What kind is he?
Is he nice?
Can you pet him?
Is he house trained?
What does he eat?
Where do you keep him?
Is he social?
Does he bite?
What about swimming?
Do the dogs bother him?
What does he do?

I happily answer their questions and may even pull out my iphone and show them a few pictures. A smile comes over their face and they remark how they never knew a duck could be a pet.

Finnigan is a Cayuga Duck. According to Wikipedia, Cayuga Duck is a medium-class domesticated duck breed that has been a popular variety in the USA since the mid-19th century. They are used for egg and meat production, as well as an ornamental bird. The Cayuga name is taken from Cayuga Lake, one of the lakes in the Finger Lakes region of New York State, where the breed was popularized.

 Finnigan is quite a character. He is an inquisitive kind of guy - yes, we know without a doubt he is a boy . . . but this blog is rated G, so you will need to google it if you need to know more. 

Ducks are social creatures and are generally not loners. Finnigan has made himself at home and has decided we are his flock. If we are in the family room, Finn is in the family room too. If we are having dinner, he is at the food bowl eating his dinner too. If the dogs hear the doorbell and begin to bark, Finn begins to quack. He also jumps up from where he is, stand and walks about half way to the door to see who it is. (Not kidding.)

Finnigan is a nice duck and allows gentle petting and cuddles. He will quickly let you know if he is not in the mood to be cuddled by pinching you gently with his bill and attempting to move away from you.

House training and ducks do not go hand in hand. Ducks simply are not able to "hold" their poo and let it go where ever it needs. We deal with the poo with pee pee pads. When Finn is laying and relaxing, there is always a pee pad pad around and under him. Saves a bit of clean up! We also have hospital grade disinfectant for those uh oh clean ups. I did order Finn some Duck Diapers - no I am not kidding, there is such a thing. I received them, only to find I need to go up one size for Finn's comfort. 

Here is a picture of what they are like, this photo is from the etsy shop I ordered from:

Finnigan eats cracked corn but loves dog food. He helps himself the the dog bowl of dry kibble - Science Diet. He also loves to eat pebble type ice from the water bowl. Silly duck!

Finnigan has a medium sized dog kennel that he calls home inside. It is lined with pee pee pads, has a water bowl and food inside. He is content to be inside when he needs to be, but if he sees or hears you let the quack begin!

Ducks do not have teeth, but they can bite if they choose to. Finn doesn't bite, but he does love to "chew" on fingers. He can also get hold of your skin and give it a pinch, nothing really to worry about though, it isn't bad.

The dogs do not bother Finn, in fact it is usually the other way around. Finnigan tends to get a little bored some days and decides it is time to follow Emma, follow Katelyn, try to get into Beckett's bed or simply wants to poke at the dogs. Other times, he is content to sit and watch the guinea pigs or watch television. He does think he can be anywhere he chooses in the house - and that includes the dog beds and on top of the couch. The couch is a no no although he tries here and there to sneak onto it.

Finnigan will climb up the stairs so he can watch the fish swim in the aquarium.

 Finn love to lay by the fireplace.

Finnigan chatters to us all the time . . . and we love it.

Finnigan swims in the bathtub. In fact, he loves to take a swim/bath every day if we let him. Generally every other day works best for him.

Finnigan also like to take walks - yes, we have a harness and leash for him. I do have to tell you, people driving by do turn to watch as Finnigan walks by.

Finnigan cuddling . . .
 Sweet Finnigan!

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