Saturday, February 1, 2014

Snowy Saturday!

It is happening once again . . .

The snow is falling outside my window and we are predicted to received 5-7" between now and tomorrow afternoon.  

Fast forward 24 hours. Snow covers the ground, approximately 6" of the white stuff has fallen and the weather people are calling for another 1"-3" for this afternoon.

 A photo from IDOT.

Randy was out plowing family and friends this morning. The two middle boys decided they wanted to play a little in the snow. They like to shovel, so . . . Have at it fellas. BTW, yes they do know they are supposed to wear their hats, gloves and scarves. At least they wore boots and coats!

 Meanwhile, inside the Mi-Kis are running around having fun. This is Sophie and Beckett.

 My helpers and I installed new window treatments in the library yesterday afternoon. I love my cozy Quiet room.

 Note to self . . . change out the yellowish light bulbs. 

This afternoon we will tackle the piano room window treatments. I am excited!

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