Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Scary Creatures and Finnigan Shananigans

I took a little time today to catch up on a few things at home. I have had a big stack of filing needing to be tackled for a few months . . . today I conquered it and it feels great! 

While sorting papers at the kitchen table this morning I saw this in our back yard:

Two muskrats . . . contrary to popular belief, I do not want one! lol These creatures FREAK ME OUT! Our lake association needs to be contacted so they can figure out who to call to humanly relocate them. 

Meanwhile, inside Finnigan decided to tackle a pile of papers I had placed on the floor. He scattered them all around and waddled away . . . three times. I did take a video - it is on my Facebook.

Late this afternoon Finnigan began quacking and quacking. I sent EJ in to check the food and water bowls . . . Finnigan followed him quacking and quacking. Apparently, he had emptied the food bowl and it needed to be refilled. After the food was filled and the water refreshed Finnigan happily quieted down. He really is a very smart duck!


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