Saturday, February 8, 2014

Saturday Happenings

Snow is falling in big flakes as I write. I think they are beautiful and it seems so serene out there. 

I took the opportunity to soak in the tub this morning, it was amazing and very relaxing.

 I LOVE our soaking whirlpool tub!

 After my bath, I gave Lil' Beckett a bath.
She was not amused.
I gathered the blow dryer, the dog combs and brushes.
Katelyn had Beckett in a towel ready for me to blow dry and comb her out. Once again, she was not amused.
She does look so pretty and smells so nice!

Beautiful Beckett!


 Beckett seems to be giving me the "stink eye". She doesn't want to pose for pictures.

Our house is so dry this time of year.
One of these humidifiers help out in the bedrooms - hopefully this will help cut down on the dry nose syndrome and 
the nasty bloody ones too. 

 Found this cute hurricane type globe.
I was going to put a little flame less candle in it, but this little bird caught my attention (I already had the bird) and I thought it would be cute . . . I like it. 

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